Zombies I Have Known

Did you ever wonder where Zombies come from?  If the movie is by George Romero, then some of them may have just been innocent bystanders on set grabbed by Romero and pressed into Zombie service. One such insta-zombie happened to be documentarian Roy Frumkes, who filmed his transformation from man to zombie on the set of 1978's Dawn of the Dead and used it in his documentary Document of the Dead (1985).  I happened to be on set for the filming of Romero's Land of the Dead in 2004 and nurtured a secret hope that I, too, might be zombified or at least that I might witness Frumkes being re-pressed into service. Unfortunately, it didn't work out due to the timing of shooting.  But my friend Michael Felsher was also there working on his own behind-the-scenes project.  (Mike had worked with George before on putting together the mammoth 4-disc Dawn of the D ead DVD Box Set for Anchor Bay Entertainment.)  Behold: right spot, right time and next thing he knew he was in the makeup chair getting the zombie treatment. He had a nice on-screen moment near the movies gore soaked climax – attacking an unfortunate soldier with a number of undead cohorts. Not long after I found myself in the theater cheering him on. There’s nothing quite like the reaction of strangers in a movie theatre who are wondering why you are rooting for the zombie as he attacks and kills a fellow human being.  Being a horror film fan is living a life filled with contradictions.