Why Critics Are Raving About Skinamarink on AMC+

If you’re looking for a scary movie to watch this weekend, why not choose a “horror masterpiece” that “is gonna scare you right back to the dark ages”? According to critics, that film is none other than Skinamarink, the viral horror sensation streaming now on AMC+!
Written and directed by Kyle Edward Ball in his feature-film debut, Skinamarink tells the story of two children who wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished. Abandoned, trapped, and terrorized by a malevolent force, the children plunge into the depths of a spine-chilling, psychological nightmare that taps into the horror of our worst childhood fears.
Skinamarink made a splash at the box office earlier this year, grossing $2 million dollars on a limited number of screens against the film’s tiny budget. Now, after going viral with incredible word-of-mouth, you can
watch the film from the comfort of your home right now on AMC+.
But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what the critics have to say about the movie:
"A HORROR MASTERPIECE . . . This modern horror nightmare is the type of experience that must be seen in theaters as a demonstration of the full potential of the cinematic form…writer-director Kyle Edward Ball conducts an orchestra of abject horror…one of the decade's most exciting cinematic visions that is certain to be one of the best films of the year.” – Chase Hutchinson, Collider
"TERRIFYING…Skinamarink isn’t like other horror films…this visionary chiller is like a demon puzzle lit by a cathode-ray tube.” – Owen Gleiberman, Variety
"A Micro-Budget Horror Sensation that Feels like ‘Home Alone’ in Hell…helps to demonstrate how vital horror movies can be at a time when the rest of the film world is too scared to try anything new.” – David Ehrlich, Indiewire
"This may just be one of the best horror movies ever made…Skinamarink will keep you awake for the rest of your life. A downright evil film that isn’t afraid to stalk the emotional core of your nostalgia until it morphs into something unrecognizably petrifying.” – Lex Briscuso, The Inverse
"Stunningly mesmeric . . . a singularly nightmarish piece of horror filmmaking and one of the year’s must-see genre films. Skinamarink might be worthy of inclusion on the list of Scariest Movies Ever Made.” – Matthew Jackson, AV Club
Check out the trailer for Skinamarink:

"SKINAMARINK Is Gonna Scare You Right Back to the Dark Ages . . . this is what David Lynch’s Poltergeist might’ve looked like . . . Skinamarink will let loose absolute terror.” – Jason Adams, Pajiba
"A nightmarish walk through a vivid sensation of nostalgia . . . there’s genuinely no other film like Skinamarink.” – C.H. Newell, Father Son Holy Gore
"ASTONISHING . . . Films like this come along once in a generation. Skinamarink is something wholly distinct, consuming in its otherness, the warm, nostalgic quality of the home it depicts serving only as a trap. Of all the films at this year’s Fantasia, it is the hardest to forget – and late at night, when you are lying in almost total darkness with your eyes open, you will try.” – Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film
"I remain in awe of how tremendously Skinamarink translates terrifying memories long buried into horror celluloid used to scare once again.” – Matt Donato, Slashfilm
"An exciting and original vision for what horror can look like . . .transports its audience back to a simpler time, and traps us there, locking us in the place where we grew up before throwing away the key . . . eventually join the void, unable to leave the ghostly walls of your childhood bedroom.” – Josh Korngut, Dread Central
So, what are you waiting for? Stream Skinamarink right now on AMC+! Not a subscriber? For more information and to start you free trial now, head to amcplus.com.