Where To Find Happy Valley Cast Members on AMC+ And Acorn TV

Happy Valley returned to AMC+, Acorn TV, and BBC America on May 22 for its third and final season. It begins with Sergeant Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) discovering the remains of a gangland murder victim, which sparks a chain of events that unwittingly leads her straight back to murderer and rapist Tommy Lee Royc (James Norton). Forgiveness, it seems safe to presume, probably isn't top of Catherine's mind.

If you can't get enough of this zeitgeist-grabbing crime drama and its fabulous cast, here's a guide to where else you can watch Norton and some key supporting cast members on AMC+ and Acorn TV. If you're looking for a weekend binge, there are plenty of tempting options below.

James Norton

This incredible actor needs no introduction, but as fans will know, he's definitely capable of playing characters less sadistic than Tommy Lee Royce. In Rogue Agent, a British thriller film based on a real-life story, he stars as Robert Hendy-Freegard, an infamous conman who posed as an MI5 agent while actually working as a bartender and car salesperson. Gemma Arterton co-stars as Alice Archer, the woman who finally caught him. Watch Rogue Agent on AMC+.

Siobhan Finneran

Finneran is brilliant in Happy Valley as Catherine's troubled sister Clare, a recovering addict who remains vulnerable and prone to making some questionable decisions. Among her many other credits are Loch Ness, a murder-mystery series set in the Scottish Highlands that co-stars Better Call Saul's Laura Fraser, and The Other One, a zingy Acorn TV sitcom that unfolds over two seasons. It centers on two very different young women (Ellie White and Lauren Socha) who only discover they have the same father after his death. Finneran shows off her pin-sharp comic timing as Marilyn, the somewhat chaotic mother of Socha's character Cat. Watch Loch Ness on Acorn TV and The Other One on Acorn TV.

Julie Hesmondhalgh

British TV favorite Hesmondhalgh appears in Season 2 of Happy Valley as Amanda Wadsworth, a woman whose husband John (Kevin Doyle) reacts angrily to her extramarital affair despite the fact he's having one of his own. She, thankfully, keeps a lid on it rather better than he does. You can also catch her in The Pact, a gripping AMC+ miniseries about four friends who try to cover up their circumstantial connection to an unsolved murder. It co-stars Laura Fraser and BAFTA nominee Eddie Marsan, so the acting is absolutely top notch. Watch The Pact on AMC+.

Katherine Kelly

Kelly also appears in Season 2 of Happy Valley as DI Jodie Shackleton, a high-flying detective who thinks she's a cut above Catherine Cawood, but lacks her powers of deduction. You can also catch her in Season 2 of Liar, a psychological thriller series about a woman (Joanne Froggatt) accused of murdering the man who sexually assaulted her (Ioan Gruffudd). Kelly plays an accomplished Metropolitan Police officer who's determined to secure a conviction. Watch Liar on AMC+.

Susan Lynch 

Award-winning actress Lynch appears in Seasons 2 and 3 of Happy Valley as Alison Garrs, a principled farmer who makes an extreme decision when she discovers her son has made a shocking mistake. She later becomes a seemingly unlikely but very loyal friend to Catherine Cawood. You can also catch her in Bloodlands, an Acorn TV crime drama set in her native Northern Ireland. It stars James Nesbitt as a police officer convinced that an apparent suicide is connected to an an infamous cold case that has haunted him for decades – you will definitely be gripped. Watch Bloodlands on Acorn TV.

Shirley Henderson

Henderson has a pivotal role in Happy Valley's second season as Frances Drummond, a meek schoolteacher who falls hook, line, and sinker for Tommy Lee Royce's dubious charms. This prolific Scottish actress also appears in The Nest, a five-part thriller about a couple (Martin Compston and Sophie Rundle) who discover their young surrogate (Mirren Mack) is less squeaky-clean that she seems. Henderson plays Siobhan, the well-meaning but rather manipulative mother of Mack's character, Kaya. Watch The Nest on Acorn TV

Seasons 1 and 2 of Happy Valley are available to binge now on AMC+ and Acorn TV, giving you an opportunity to revisit the devastation caused by Tommy Lee Royce, and Catherine Cawood's struggle to raise her grandson Rhys, with help from sister Clare, in Royce's shadow.

Season 3 of Happy Valley premiered earlier this week on May 22. New episodes of Season 3 arrive on AMC+ and Acorn TV each Monday until June 26. New episodes will also premiere on BBC America at 10pm ET/PT each Monday until June 26.

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