Where Is Hope Going? What We Know About the CRM After The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season Finale

As Season 1 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond came to its conclusion, the journey that started as a rescue mission of Hope and Iris's father, turned into something a lot more sinister. It became a deadly, long-term conspiracy, featuring none other than the group's own friends and the CRM. With Hope willingly going with Huck (a CRM operative), and Iris and Felix linking up with the survivors of the CRM's attack on the Campus Colony, Season 2 will likely promise a closer look at the belly of the beast... and shed light on where Hope is actually going with the CRM. With that in mind, below find everything we know about the Civic Republic so far.

Location, Location, Location: Where Is Hope Going?

The CRM is ostensibly located in upstate New York, according to everything the group knows and the precepts of their long, arduous journey. That's where Iris and Hope headed throughout their mission, and presumably where Huck is taking Hope now. But given how secretive the CRM is, and the fact that they supposedly have 200,000 people under their control, this may not be the entirety of the CRM or necessarily be where Hope will end up. One of the CRM's test subjects comes from Portland, and we've seen the CRM active in Texas on FEAR as well as in Virginia on TWD. So while it may be that Huck is taking Hope to upstate New York, that's far from a guarantee when it comes to Hope's eventual destination.


Iris and Hope's father is working with the CRM on what appears to be research on a cure from the empty virus, experimenting on former friends and colleagues under the supervision of a scientist named Lyla. We can't be sure of the CRM's real motives or whether they're actually trying to cure the empty virus -- they haven't exactly been the most altruistic group -- but in the course of these experiments, some clarity on another mystery may have been revealed. Each test subject was labeled with the letter "A." Could this be what happened to people labeled "A," when Anne sends them to the CRM? Rick was a B, of course, so even if this is true, we can feel confident he didn't end up in a grizzly experiment.

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Since Isabel first detailed what the CRM stands for, telling Althea "We are a force who are not living for ourselves or for now. You have your stories, already making every day the past. We have the future," it's been obvious this is how the CRM sees itself. Elizabeth has made it pretty clear that she shares this view of the CRM as the last refuge of society, attempting to save the world. They'll do whatever it takes.

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Unmatched Brutality

Despite their noble-sounding goals about saving humanity, we've seen the CRM commit atrocities on a scale pretty much unmatched in the TWD Universe. The experiments on their own scientists are just the tip of the iceberg. They massacred the entirety of the Campus Colony, a thriving community of thousands and thousands of people. Say what you will about Negan or Alpha, but it's hard to imagine either have that kind of body count against them.

Hope doesn't seem like the type to take things laying down, so she will undoubtedly have a plan. And with Felix encountering Will, another member of the Campus Colony security force, a rescue mission to infiltrate the CRM may well be afoot. We're hopeful we'll learn more about the CRM, and find out where Hope is headed in the future.

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