Watch "Snow Globe," an Exclusive El Camino Short Starring Creepy Todd

If we learned one thing from El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, it's that there's no such thing as too much creepy Todd.

Yes, Todd. You know, the guy who became oddly obsessed with Jesse while holding him captive in a hole in the ground. The guy who showed no signs of shock or remorse when he asked Jesse to help him dispose of the body of the housekeeper he had murdered -- a task that included rolling the body up in a carpet and throwing it over a balcony before stuffing her in the back of the titular El Camino.  And don't even get us started on Todd's singing.

Unfortunately, because Todd met his demise on Breaking Bad, there was only so much room for him in the movie sequel starring Aaron Paul. But if you, like us, were clamoring for more Todd after you finished El Camino, then we've got what you need. In the exclusive El Camino short below, you can dive deeper into Todd's creepy world as he works away making one of his many snow globes. But while he certainly takes pride in his handy work, it might be his multitasking that provides the biggest shock for Breaking Bad fans.

You see, while he's working, Todd decides to call up his co-conspirator Lydia to ask her a very important question. We'd tell you more, but we think you should just watch. Check out "Snow Globe," an exclusive El Camino short below:

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