Warren Buffett Visits Saul Set; Bob Odenkirk Speaks With IGN

This week, Warren Buffett visits the Better Call Saul set, while Bob Odenkirk speaks with IGN about Season 2. Plus, EW checks out the Season 1 gag reel. Read on for more:

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warren Buffett was a VIP guest on the Better Call Saul set, posing for a photo in Chuck's space blanket and saying, "Great writing, great acting, great people. When Vince Gilligan is in charge, a show is a cinch to be five stars."

• Teasing Season 2 Jimmy to IGN, Bob Odenkirk says, "I would say that the one thing the writers have done, that I think is very true to human beings, is that he is not a different person when you see him in Season 2. He is not all of a sudden completely transformed."

Entertainment Weekly spotlights the Season 1 gag reel, observing, "The collection of bloopers is filled with breaking set pieces, actors cracking up, and tons of profanity. (Tons.)"

Uproxx has an "amusing" video of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould unboxing the Season 1 Collector's Edition and going through all the special features.

Salon says the first trailer is "certainly enough to get us excited for the second season, which premieres some time in 2016."

• "As a work of visual storytelling, there were episodes of the first season of Better Call Saul that surpassed even the wrenching final episodes of Breaking Bad, and there’s every reason to believe that Season 2 will bring even more inventive uses of symbolism," Collider observes after watching the trailer.

Blu-ray.com reviews the Season 1 Blu-ray, commenting, "The biggest problem with Season One is it's too short – I eagerly await more time with poor, deluded, and doomed Jimmy McGill."

The Orange County Register's review of the Season 1 DVD and Blu-ray calls Better Call Saul "one of the strongest shows of the year."

• "Can't get enough of the superb Better Call Saul? You're in luck, because we have an exclusive deleted scene," Digital Spy says.

Deadline's review of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross' W/ Bob and David says that "if you loved Mr. Show With Bob & David on HBO back in the late 1990s, as I did, then you are really going to love W/ Bob & David."

The Oregonian adds, "Breaking Bad fans who only know [Bob] Odenkirk as sleazy lawyer extraordinaire Saul Goodman are in for a treat, as Odenkirk's versatility and chemistry with Cross are as sharp as ever."

Tech Insider reports that Activision is going to create an animated TV series based on its "Skylanders" game that will feature the voice of Jonathan Banks as Eruptor.

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