Warm Up For The Graham Norton Show's Return With These Classic Moments

It's back! The Graham Norton Show returns for its 31st season this Thursday, October 5 on BBC America, with episodes available Fridays on AMC+. To whet your appetite for the season premiere – which features guests including Kylie Minogue and Stephen Graham – let's look back at six times when Graham really was the host with the most (as well as the host with the most amazing guests).

1. The time James Norton talked about his Happy Valley tattoos.
In real life, James Norton is a polite and well-spoken gentleman who's always delightful to watch on The Graham Norton Show. But, in AMC+'s award-winning detective drama Happy Valley, he plays Tommy Lee Royce, a sadistic villain with scary tatts to match. In this hilarious clip, he admits that his posh real-life speaking voice doesn't quite live up to his "sick ink" from the show. You can watch Happy Valley on AMC+ – but be warned, Norton's performance is quite chilling.

2. The time Pedro Pascal got real about his Mandalorian voice.
During the last season of The Graham Norton Show, Pedro Pascal scooched up on the couch next to Helen Mirren and recent Oscar winner Ariana DeBose – what a lineup! Pascal was every bit as charming as you'd expect, but also pretty self-deprecating, especially when he revealed why he doesn't do his Mandalorian voice in real life. You wouldn't think Pedro Pascal could ever be "creepy," but once he explains it, you'll see exactly where he's coming from.

3. The time George Takei explained his catchphrase.
The Star Trek icon paid a visit to Graham's red sofa last December when he was getting ready to tread the boards in London's West End. He was adorable and dignified, just as you'd hope, but also pretty playful – especially when he shared the story of how he became associated with the expression "oh my!" Once you've heard George Takei say the word "dong," you won't forget it in a hurry. It's a chatshow moment for the ages.

4. The time Gemma Arterton spoke about her karaoke job.
You may know Gemma Arterton as the the talented actress from movies including spy thriller Rogue Agent, which you can watch on AMC+. But before she caught her big break, she made a living working in a "south London gangster pub" where karaoke nights could get out of hand. During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, she shared her boss's priceless advice for calming down a bar full of boozed-up bad guys. Honestly, it won't be the advice you're expecting to hear...

5. The time David Tennant relived his first ever acting role.
David Tennant has built up a fabulous acting résumé in everything from Doctor Who to Broadchurch, and Good Omens to Staged. But, back in the day, he got his break in a Scottish anti-smoking PSA that was, well, very much of its time. During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, he was forced to look back at his acting debut, and did so graciously like the thoroughly good sport he is. You can watch one of David Tennant's more recent roles, in the haunting true crime drama Litvinenko, on AMC+.

6. Every time Miriam Margolyes was, well, Miriam Margolyes.
If there was an award for The Graham Norton Show's most outrageous guest, it would surely go to Miriam Margolyes, who says exactly what she thinks every time she swings by. She's been a guest on eight occasions over the years, but we particularly love this clip from 2014, when she rather brutally told Dominic Cooper what she thought of Mamma Mia! Ouch – though we've got to say, Dominic handles the situation like a true pro. You can see him starring in That Dirty Black Bag on AMC+

The Graham Norton Show returns Thursday, October 5 at 11pm EST on BBC America, with new episodes available Fridays on AMC+. This week, Graham welcomes queen of pop Kylie Minogue, BAFTA-nominated actor Stephen Graham, actor and writer David Mitchell, fast-rising comedian Mawaan Rizwan, and singer-songwriter Mae Muller. Check out a preview clip from the episode below.

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