Vulture Highlights Saul Billboard; USA Today Previews Saul

better-call-saul-episode-101-saul-odenkirk-325This week, an ad campaign featuring a Saul billboard in Albuquerque gets a lot of play in Vulture and elsewhere, while USA Today talks to Bob Odenkirk about Better Call Saul. Plus, E! has a conversation with the show's casting directors. Read on for more:

Vulture reports on Better Call Saul's ad campaign, which includes an Albuquerque billboard and working phone number for Jimmy McGill (Saul's former name). E! Online applauds, "A+ on marketing, AMC." CBS News points out that the Better Call Saul billboard "lets you actually call Saul."

USA Today, previewing Better Call Saul, speaks with Bob Odenkirk, who says, "You'll see a lot of things that made him who he is, and you'll re-look at his situation in Breaking Bad and see that he's not such a bad guy."

Better Call Saul's casting directors tell E! Online about the secrecy on set: "The actors are coming in with dummy sides, they aren't even able to look at a script. So they have to walk into the casting room and trust us on how we're guiding that. Secrecy."

Uproxx reports that Bob Odenkirk wrote the iconic Saturday Night Live sketch, "Down By the River," which featured Chris Farley as a down-on-his-luck motivational speaker.

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