Vulture Hails New Saul Teaser; WSJ Checks Out Saul's First Day

This week, Vulture hails a new teaser for Better Call Saul, while The Wall Street Journal checks out the show's first day of production. Plus, a new set of photos create buzz with Entertainment Tonight, E! Online and more. Read on for more:

Vulture showcases a new teaser for Better Call Saul and declares it "has tons of actual footage -- finally."

The Wall Street Journal showcases a video of Better Call Saul's first day of production, noting, "There may not be any Walt or Jesse Pinkman, but Better Call Saul will bring an immediate sense of familiarity for Breaking Bad fans."

Entertainment Tonight takes a first look at Better Call Saul with a photo that depicts "Saul looking intensely at Mike from afar."

E! Online spotlights an exclusive photo of Saul and Mike, asking, "Can you feel the excitement in the air?"

A.V. Club debuts a "Taxi Driver-esque" promotional image of Bob Odenkirk as Saul/Jimmy McGill.

• Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter checks out a photo of Saul's brother, Chuck McGill (played by Michael McKean), saying, "We don't know much about Chuck, but the photo reveals a few clues."

USA Today is looking forward to Better Call Saul on Feb. 8.

• According to Vulture, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks and Michael McKean will appear at the 92nd Street Y in New York City for a Better Call Saul panel in February.

Bustle submits its list of "a few things I want — nay, need — from the upcoming series."

411Mania is looking forward to Better Call Saul since the "writers are the same ones who made Saul such a great character to begin with, and Bob Odenkirk has demonstrated he can do a lot more as an actor than just make us laugh."

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