Vulture Awaits Season 4; Bob Odenkirk Credits Saul for Winning The Post Role

This week, Vulture awaits Season 4, while Bob Odenkirk tells the Detroit Free Press that winning his role in Steven Spielberg's The Post can be partly credited to Better Call Saul. Plus, CarterMatt discusses how invested it is in Jimmy. Read on for more:

• Looking ahead to Season 4, Vulture says Chuck and Michael McKean's performance "will be missed, but it will be fascinating to see how that loss inevitably catapults Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) closer to becoming Saul Goodman."

• Speaking with the Detroit Free Press about landing the role of Ben Bagdikian in Steven Spielberg's The Post, Bob Odenkirk says, "I just was called and (they) said they were offering it to me. I think the truth is, I look like him. I don’t think it hurts that I’ve done Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad and there’s a lot of footage of me acting."

CarterMatt asserts that "we’re invested in Jimmy. We like to think that he is a good person at heart who gets caught up and does bad things. We want to believe that there’s still some degree of hope for him."

Film School Rejects looks forward to Season 4: "Better Call Saul has consistently proven to be the best prequel property ever created."

• "Season after season, this Breaking Bad spin-off keeps getting better," Digital Trends says, as it names Better Call Saul one of 2017's best TV shows.

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