Vince Gilligan Teases Upcoming Cameo; Peter Gould Previews Season 2

This week, Vince Gilligan teases an upcoming appearance from a Season 1 character, while Peter Gould previews Season 2 to TV Guide. Plus, Better Call Saul is nominated for editing and production design awards. Read on for more:

• According to TV Insider, Vince Gilligan teases that, during Season 2, "we revisit a character we met early in Season 1 of Breaking Bad and haven’t seen since. It’s going to be a fun tip of the hat."

• Previewing Season 2, Peter Gould tells TV Guide, "Jimmy and Chuck's relationship moves into a very different area this season. There's enormous pain and hurt from Jimmy, but there's also a connection between these two guys."

• "Five-O" and "Uno" have been nominated for an ACE Eddie Award by the American Cinema Editors in the category of Best Edited One-Hour Series for Commercial Television, TheWrap reports.

Better Call Saul is also nominated by the Art Directors Guild for "Five-O," "Rico," and "Marco" in the category of One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Series, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Bustle checks out the new Season 2 poster, an image which "suggests that James McGill's life won't be getting any more easy, as he struggles to carry a briefcase up a road that is unnaturally inclined."

A.V. Club eagerly anticipates Season 2 because Better Call Saul was "better than it had any right to be, both enhancing but feeling like a separate entity from its parent show Breaking Bad."

Bustle considers "Pimento" the year's best TV episode because of the "lawyer brothers Jimmy and Chuck's confrontation."

• The St. Paul Pioneer Press looks ahead to Season 2, observing that Better Call Saul "shined with outstanding acting in its compelling premiere season, making its sophomore comeback in February highly anticipated."

• Ireland's Independent also awaits Season 2, noting that Saul was "played with revelatory brilliance by Bob Odenkirk."

JOE says Season 1 "really delivered on the hype and we can't wait to see where the show will be going next."

• The Omaha World-Herald names Better Call Saul one of the year's best shows: "Giving the slippery lawyer from Breaking Bad his own prequel seemed like an awesome idea that was probably doomed to fail. It was an awesome idea. It did not fail."

Alibi selects Better Call Saul as one of 2015's best TV shows because "this slow-burn comedy drama clicked together like a Rubik’s Cube by the end of its first, all-too-brief season."

CarterMatt wants Better Call Saul to "give us at least ten minutes of footage following the end of Breaking Bad."

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