Variety on McMafia Premiere Date; Deadline Quotes James Norton

This week, Variety reports on McMafia's premiere date, while Deadline quotes James Norton on the show's appeal. Plus, GQ points out why Norton's character is not like James Bond. Read on for more:

• Variety reports that McMafia will premiere on Feb. 26 at 10pm.

• According to Deadline, James Norton (Alex) explains, "I think there’s an immense appetite globally for this drama right now. Everyone in America and Europe and the UK, they want to see what this state-level corruption looks like."

• GQ argues that James Norton in McMafia "isn’t even really like Bond. If anything he’s a new breed: sensitive; more likely to be pouring over spreadsheets than thinking of quick-fire quips to all those men sat around in big chairs stroking cats all day."

• Radio Times spotlights McMafia's cast of international actors, "with the production team aiming to hire performers from the same regions as their characters for greater authenticity."

• The Spectator calls McMafia "at least as well acted, suspenseful and sexy to look at as The Night Manager was."

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