Variety on Best Drama Emmy Nod; Bob Odenkirk Teases Season 4 to Deadline

This week, Variety analyzes Better Call Saul's best drama Emmy nod, while Bob Odenkirk teases Season 4 to Deadline. Plus, Vince Gilligan talks to The Sydney Morning Herald about the next Breaking Bad spinoff he'd like to see. Read on for more:

• Analyzing the show's best drama series Emmy nomination, Variety explains it "has the benefit of the Breaking Bad aura but there’s no question the show stands firmly on its own two feet, with Season 3 being its best yet in the view of many critics."

• Previewing Season 4 to Deadline, Bob Odenkirk teases, "I think it’s some huge cracks in the ice right now — huge, visible cracks that go real deep. As far as the whole glacier splitting in two, that’s coming very soon."

• Reacting to his Emmy nod, Bob Odenkirk tells Reuters, "I love bringing Jimmy McGill/Saul to life. As written by Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan and the staff, he's a complex, compromised, and funny fella – he's got everything going on!"

• Bob Odenkirk says to the Los Angeles Times that Jimmy "has a very distinctive drive and personality and he’s on a very unique path. The way people relate to it --and I’m just guessing here -- is that everybody wants to feel effective in the world."

• Highlighting nominees with multiple nods, Deadline points out that Vince Gilligan could win "trophies for producing and directing Better Call Saul."

• Interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald, Vince Gilligan reveals, "I want to know more about Kim, I want to see and learn more about her. If we were to do another spin-off it would be the Kim Wexler show."

• Speaking with The Guardian, Vince Gilligan says that "this man inevitably must become Saul Goodman, but we dread the day that it will happen, because it may have a large hand in why we don’t see Kim Wexler around any more."

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