TV Guide Touts Halt ; Vox Deems Halt Perfect for Summer

This week, TV Guide touts Halt and Catch Fire as the "best show on TV you're not watching," while Vox deems it the perfect summer series. Plus, Variety and CarterMatt consider Lee Pace and Halt Emmy possibilities. Read on for more:

TV Guide, calling Halt and Catch Fire "the best show on TV you're not watching," gives five reasons to watch.

Vox labels Halt and Catch Fire "the perfect summer show for 2015"and explains why viewers should check it out.

Variety contends that Lee Pace is a top candidate for a best actor Emmy nomination because Halt and Catch Fire "offers Pace a broad canvas for everything he’s good at — mysterious looks, mischievous grins, rousing speeches."

• Also talking Emmys, CarterMatt offers its best drama series and best drama actor favorites and awards both Halt and Catch Fire and Lee Pace honorable mentions.

Salon writes, "This season of Halt and Catch Fire has an exuberance the first season struggled to reach, and it’s because of a storytelling device that has more popularity in fan fiction archives than Hollywood studios: the gender swap."

• Jonathan Lisco tells HitFix that, in Season 2, "The Mutiny house is going to take front and center as an incubator/DIY style firm, which is going to be kind of one of the predecessors to ideas moving from the board room into the garage."

Paste also interviews Jonathan Lisco, who says that, in Season 2, the show will "continue to look at the euphoria and the cost of going after your dreams in life. That is a seminal theme of the show."

The Guardian speaks with Christopher C. Rogers, who says of the show, "We want people to watch it and forget that it happens 30 years ago. We hope it feels very modern and that means it’s universal."

The Mary Sue talks Season 2 with Melissa Bernstein, who says, "Donna and Cameron are at the center of Mutiny, rather than the boys, so there is a shift in terms of character point of view as well."

• According to Business Insider, "what makes Halt and Catch Fire truly fascinating is the way it chronicles the birth of consumer tech culture, and the huge role women had in the early tech scene." asserts, "Simply put, Halt and Catch Fire is the best show on TV."

Crave Online counts the Season 1 Blu-ray as one of the year's best because it "looks as clear as a movie on Blu-ray, and that’s in various lighting conditions like daylight, nighttime and florescent office settings."

Halt and Catch Fire is one of the Naples Daily News' top TV picks for summer viewing.

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kerry Bishé has joined the cast of Rupture, a sci-fi thriller to be directed by Steven Shainberg.

Cinema Blend spotlights Jamie Foxx's Sleepless Night remake, which counts Scoot McNairy in its cast.

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