The Walking Dead Q&A -- Lauren Cohan on Her First Episode Back as Maggie

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about what her triumphant return to the series and provides some tantalizing theories about Maggie's life away from the group and discusses her character's mysterious companion.

Q: Your character has been here since the early days of the show – what’s it like for you to be returning back to Season 10 of The Walking Dead?!

A: It’s incredible, in so many ways I never felt far from the show and certainly not from the cast and crew, but being all together in one place for this episode was really special. Like a college reunion... or putting on your favorite boots that you haven’t worn in a long time. Then of course all the anticipation for this new chapter. We’ve been apart, how have we grown, how have we changed and why?

Q: Maggie is returning to quite some extreme circumstances in the Season 10 Special Event. What’s that like for her?

A: This is a really dire time for the group, and Maggie knows from Carol’s letter that this is different to other threats they’ve faced. Part of getting back into Maggie’s mindset is remembering the times she’s had with the group and everything they went through to build a community.

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Q: Carol is the one that reaches out to Maggie, enlisting her help. Do you imagine that influenced Maggie's decision at all?

A: I think that’s really interesting because with some of the relationships on the show, you see people often together or in conversation. With Carol and Maggie, you haven’t seen them together a lot on screen, but there have been some very pivotal points they've had over the years. This is another one of them.

Q: Maggie’s returning with a different look and a new weapon too! How did you enjoy playing with some of those elements and switching things up on that front?

A: Yes, how cool is my masked partner in crime? It was really fun to read the script and learn how she would be coming back -- with a bow and arrow -- but, moreover, with a pretty accomplished human weapon. It gave me the sense that the terrain she has explored these last few years must have necessitated this kind of support - new communities, some friendly and some probably not so friendly.

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Q: We’ve added some new characters to the mix while you’ve been away. What was it like meeting and playing with some new faces?

A: As silly as this sounds, I was thinking that The Walking Dead, is like quilting. Each piece is unique and from somewhere else, but they still become a part of this beautiful blanket. The best thing was being able to come in and meet new people who have the soul of the show in them. Our creators, writers and producers do such an incredible job of building the team in that way, and writing stories that attract actors who want to pick up the torch. I think that’s a testament to the first people who created the... The Walking Dead.

Q: What are you most excited about when it comes to returning Maggie back to the story?

A: I’m dying to see what the entire story going forward will be. I’m inspired by how the show demonstrates friendship and family, by those moments when people could give up but they don’t, and when the characters open up to each other and do something they surprise even themselves with. So I suppose I’m excited for the adventure I’m about to take with everyone, and feeling very grateful to hopefully be surprised.

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