The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Q&A – Romain Levi on Codron's Defining Moments

In The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, the iconic title character (Norman Reedus) finds himself in France with no idea how he got there and one main aim: to get to Paris and eventually, back home. Along the way, he joins forces with Isabelle (Clémence Poésy), a determined nun with a surprising backstory, and Laurent (Louis Puech Scigliuzzi), a perceptive boy who has been told he is "special" from a young age.
As their journey progresses, Daryl meets two formidable obstacles in the form of Madame Genet (Anne Charrier), the leader of the Pouvoir Du Vivant nationalist movement, and Stéphane Codron (Romain Levi), her battle-hardened henchman. Here, Levi discusses his character's motivations and shares some thoughts on why Laurent seems to have a hold over Codron. 

Q: What was it like filming your fight scenes with Norman Reedus?
A: It was very fun. We had to fight and run from one building to another — it was a bit scary sometimes, but I loved it. I love to play those kinds of scenes. From the first day, I asked if I could do everything [myself], and they let me. I loved doing [those scenes] with Norman because he has been so kind to me. You know, he was always asking if my head and neck were okay because he had to punch me a lot! I couldn't really dream of a better way to start the show.
Q: Does it get exhausting filming those really physical scenes?
A: Well, I never felt too exhausted — I never felt like, 'I cannot do it now.' But I had to be careful not to rehearse too much. I was physically prepared for those scenes. I worked out a lot. I did boxing — I still box, actually.
Q: How would you describe Codron's relationship with Madame Genet? Is he afraid of her, or just obeying her orders because she's so powerful?
A: Oh, it depends. He is afraid of her sometimes. But you know, he also doesn't have much to lose. He has no more friends and family, so he needs her in a way. And she wants the same thing as Codron. She wants the American for her own reasons, but they are in it together. I think his fear of her grows because at some point, he feels that there is craziness in her. One of the moments [where] Codron feels that she's weird and dangerous is when she holds the baby at the [Paris survivors] camp. The way she's holding him, Codron thinks, 'What is she going to do right now? Could she kill the baby?'
Q: Why do you think Codron has such a capacity for violence?
A: That's an interesting question. To tell you the truth, I created a lot of background [for him] because we don't know a lot about him. But it's not easy for me to answer that question because I like to keep my techniques a secret!
Q: Big question now: in Episode 6, Codron is meant to kill Laurent, but he can't bring himself to do it. Why do you think that is?
A: You know, Laurent has a big effect on people and on Codron, too. What happened at that moment is that he felt something — something he can't exactly explain. But we can say it was a voice [telling him]: 'Don't do it, don't do it.' I remember very well when we shot that scene and Louis told me: 'God loves you.' The way he told me that, it moved me. And [I think] Codron was very moved by the sincerity of Laurent in that moment. It's a second [in time] that changed everything.
Q: Do you think Codron is confused by the effect Laurent has on him? 
A: Absolutely. He can't understand it, and he's not really trying to understand it. It's just that there is something very intense happening in that moment, and he's thinking, 'Well, we'll see what happens later.' When I got the script and read that scene, I absolutely loved it. I just thought, 'I can't think of anything better for me to play.'

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