The Hollywood Reporter Reviews The Terror; Variety Talks With Terror Showrunners

This week, The Hollywood Reporter promises that The Terror will prove true to its title, while Variety interviews The Terror's showrunners. Plus, Jared Harris explains the drama to Rotten Tomatoes. Read on for more:

• Reviewing The Terror, The Hollywood Reporter lauds: "there's an impressive confidence to the storytelling that will grab viewers with a taste for sophisticated horror. All-round terrific acting is a huge part of it."

• David Kajganich and Soo Hugh tell Variety that The Terror's "epic survival story at the center of our narrative anchors the show in urgent stakes and near-constant tension, but it is the complex — and often humorous — bonds that develop between our characters that we think will draw audiences even more.”

• Rotten Tomatoes speaks with Jared Harris, who explains, "Part of the idea of the show is this clash of societies. There’s British culture and there’s Inuit culture. We bring our arrogance with us thinking we are the masters of the world and we are sophisticated, cultured, and more evolved and advanced."

• declares that The Terror "looks to be like an incredibly intense ride with its cool landscape placing the viewer in the wintery Hell these characters are enduring."

• Previewing The Terror's Mar. 26 debut, Den of Geek notes that the show "will have no shortage of talent in its cast," which includes Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies and Ciarán Hinds.

• The Daily Express reports that The Terror will be available to U.K. viewers on Amazon Prime Video on Mar. 27, just 24 hours after the show premieres in the U.S. on AMC on Mar. 26.

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