USA Today Recommends Terror; TheWrap Debuts Season 2 Trailer

This week, USA Today recommends watching The Terror, while TheWrap debuts the first Season 2 trailer. Plus, Collider is impressed by the new trailer. Read on for more:

USA Today advises Chernobyl viewers that "if you're looking for a series to switch to next, we suggest AMC's historical horror anthology series, The Terror."

TheWrap debuts the first trailer for The Terror: Infamy, noting that AMC "did find a way to make the second season of the Ridley Scott-produced anthology series even more horrifying than the first." declares that the new trailer is "dripping with real-world commentary, and it’s kind of shocking to see how these real-life events feel so… present. Frustratingly so. But not to worry, the supernatural horror element still runs deep."

IndieWire concurs, saying the trailer proves "that we need look no further than our own past to find true terror."

• In a tongue-in-cheek take on Season 2, Slate says it will be "fascinating to explore the one time in our long national history that we turned the racism dial a little too far, and reassuring to think about how different things are today."

JOE enthuses, "We've had this as one of the shows to watch in the second part of 2019 and after watching the first trailer, our excitement levels have only increased."

Bell of Lost Souls comments, "As in the first season, [Ridley] Scott has chosen to set his story of horror into a historical and bleak context where you can’t be quite sure what’s real, and what’s superstition gone out of control. I’m looking forward to watching."

Variety, TVLine, IGN, Monsters & Critics and Ars Technica also showcase the trailer.

Tom's Guide is eager for The Terror: Infamy: "George Takei, enough said. Yes, the Star Trek alum will star in and consult on the second season of this gripping, historical horror-anthology series. If the trailer is any indication, this sophomore effort will be deeply unsettling..."

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