THR Recommends The Terror; IndieWire on Tuunbaq Attack

This week, The Hollywood Reporter recommends watching The Terror, while IndieWire goes behind the scenes of the latest episode's Tuunbaq attack. Plus, THR sees possible Emmy nods for the show. Read on for more:

• The Hollywood Reporter recommends The Terror: "It's set in 1847. It's got two ships stuck in the ice, going nowhere for months. It's got a Big Bad. It has desolation and a unique kind of encroaching doom. And it's all held together by phenomenal acting."

• Asked by IndieWire about shooting the Tuunbaq attack in the latest episode, David Kajganich says, "In terms of what the audience sees and does not see, we were helped greatly by the winds and snow elements. It’s the obscurity of where everyone was in the polar darkness, of trying to figure out how to ratchet up tension that way."

• Looking ahead to the Emmy nominations, The Hollywood Reporter thinks it's possible The Terror could get a nod for Best Limited Series and Jared Harris could be recognized in the Best Actor in a Limited Series or a Television Movie category.

• Speaking with IGN about Tuunbaq, Soo Hugh explains, "We have this joke: If you're going to die of any means in our show, the creature is in some ways the preferred method to die, because some of the other horrors are so terrifying."

• Jared Harris tells Syfy Wire that Crozier is "a guy who you're gonna be following, so he needs to be nuanced. People are gonna feel a certain empathy towards the character, and then there are other things that are gonna repel you from the character."

• Previewing Episode 6, "A Mercy," CarterMatt declares that "the biggest reason to keep watching The Terror is for the opportunity to marvel at the scenery, fear for the characters, and praise the performances of Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies."

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