The Cast and Showrunners Talk How the Tuunbaq's Latest Attack Changes Everything

The creature is back. It's aboard the Terror and the men are at its mercy. Luckily, ice master Thomas Blanky is on deck and he doesn't hesitate. Knowing the men need a clear view of the creature in order to fight it, Blanky takes off and climbs the sails to make the creature, and himself, an easier target.

Go Inside Episode 5 With the Cast and Showrunners

Though the men get a clear sight on the creature, it's still "a much stronger adversary and more cunning than they even feared," notes executive producer Dave Kajganich. Needless to say, Blanky doesn't emerge unscathed and it changes everything, especially for his friend Crozier.

Hear what the cast and showrunners have to say about what's changed by the creature's latest attack. Plus, watch the all-new episode available now on and AMC apps for mobile, Fire TV, XBox One, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

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