LA Times Interviews Derek Mio; Alexander Woo Talks Yuko With IndieWire

This week, the Los Angeles Times interviews Derek Mio, while Alexander Woo discusses Yuko with IndieWire. Plus, Paste's power ranking includes The Terror: Infamy for the third straight week. Read on for more:

• Derek Mio tells the Los Angeles Times that his personal connection to The Terror: Infamy "empowered me. It made me feel like I had to tell this story. Like, if anyone, yes, I have to be a part of this. Being a direct descendant of Terminal Island and being able to kind of represent that community and display it in this way, it was so special."

• Speaking with IndieWire about Yuko and the latest episode, Alexander Woo explains that "hopefully we’ll put the viewer in this uncomfortable position of where we have otherized the monster and then find ourselves maybe starting to build a little bit of sympathy and empathy for this Other."

Paste's power rankings of the best shows airing on TV right now includes The Terror: Infamy for the third straight week.

• Alexander Woo, asked by Assignment X about structuring The Terror: Infamy's story, replies that "we knew there were a lot of historical moments we had to hit, but there’s also an emotional story we have to tell, there’s a love story that starts at the very beginning that’s a big part of our show."

But Why Tho? interviews Lee Shorten, who says shooting the scene where Yoshida-san is killed involved "thinking about how I would feel if my dad personally was killed in front of me and all the things that I wish we could have done together or the things I wished I'd said and thinking back on the favorite moments of our life."

Refinery29 explains, "In The Terror: Infamy, Japanese legends are as real as the world war causing upheaval. Yuko (Kiki Sukezane of Westworld), the yurei in question, is vastly powerful: She can possess people and drive them to take their own lives."

Meaww adds that the yurei "return from the grave to either haunt a place or a person and as most spirits talked about in folklores, their connection to the living world is because some agenda prevented them from passing on to the afterlife."

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 4, "Weak Are Meat," check out A.V. Club, But Why Tho?, Den of Geek, and Meaww.

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