Jared Harris Talks to NY Post; TheWrap on Showrunner Advising Close Viewing

This week, Jared Harris talks to the New York Post, while Showrunner David Kajganich tells TheWrap that viewers should watch The Terror closely. Plus, Harris explains the appeal of the show to The Associated Press. Read on for more:

• Jared Harris tells the New York Post what he discovered in his research for The Terror: "It was so dangerous, polar exploring, and trying to find the Northwest Passage; they said there had been more successful trips to the moon."

• David Kajganich informs TheWrap that "things that seem completely innocuous, objects that seem completely innocuous, lines of dialogue that seem completely innocuous in the scene they happen in, become of major importance later."

• The Associated Press interviews Jared Harris, who says he was attracted to The Terror because "it’s not a remake or a reboot or a sequel or a prequel. It’s a completely fresh story."

• Newsweek spotlights how scurvy was such a menace to the Franklin Expedition and noted how "it’s just one of the horrific diseases that could strike down a sailor or an entire expedition."

• Smithsonian.com commends The Terror's showrunners for "striving to make the Inuit portions of the show as real–or realer–than the English ones and respect the Netsilik Inuit who met Franklin and passed down their stories."

• Soo Hugh tells Syfy Wire that she and fellow showrunner David Kajganich "both believe the Number One rule of horror is: don't show. You want to hold it back, not just to play games with the audience, but only just to build that tension and the audience will see that every character will have their own monsters to deal with."

• The Ringer is enamored of The Terror, which "does an excellent job of cultivating multiple sources of tension, enough that the mystery of who will meet their demise and how outweighs the certainty of the eventual outcome."

• Focusing on the show's mysterious beast, Bloody Disgusting claims, "If you love winter-set horror stories, you NEED to be watching The Terror."

• Business Insider extols The Terror as "one of the best new TV shows of the year so far, and critics are raving about it."

• ComicsVerse describes The Terror as "a beautiful marriage of historical accuracy and psychological horror."

• Dork Shelf shares "10 Astonishing Facts About The Franklin Expedition."

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