IndieWire Goes BTS of Terror's Carnivale; Yahoo Interviews Ridley Scott

This week, IndieWire goes behind-the-scenes of The Terror's Carnivale, while Yahoo interviews Ridley Scott about the show. Plus, Syfy Wire is impressed by the horror of The Terror. Read on for more:

• IndieWire goes behind-the-scenes of shooting the latest episode's Carnivale, with David Kajganich explaining, "Knowing that we had to spend our VFX and creature dollars wisely, we thought we could spin Carnivale in the direction of a character choice and try to keep the show from being an attack-of-the-week show."

• Talking to Yahoo, Ridley Scott says, "To tell a story about a Naval expedition, across the Northwest Passage, in 1850 is more fascinating to watch than to read. What we do with entertainment, which is pictures and words, is a lot more powerful as an educational device than some kid expected to sit down and read a book to learn it."

• Syfy Wire is impressed that The Terror's horrors are "haunting — gradual in a way that creeps up on us much like the winter that the show’s twin ships and their ill-equipped crewmen find themselves trapped inside. The cold seeps in, the temperatures plummet to devastating degrees, and all the while dangers persist for these Arctic explorers."

• takes a closer look at the Tuunbaq, noting that "there’s plenty yet to be explained and uncovered about The Terror‘s monster, which appears to be more than your average polar bear."

• Tobias Menzies explains to the Independent that the Franklin expedition is not well-known in England: "There was a lot of embarrassment and shame for the British navy about such a public failure on their part – and we don't hear about failures."

• Dan Simmons tells Colorado's Times-Call that he's "delighted by what they've [The Terror's producers] done. My whole goal with anything going to a film or TV series over the decades has been to get a property of mine that I like into the hands of someone who's creative and intelligent."

• 1883 Magazine interviews Adam Nagaitis, who calls The Terror "a really rare story to get to tell, how they’d added a supernatural element to what was already a really interesting expedition. When I read the first script it was clear that it was something that everybody wanted to do."

• GamesRadar enthuses that "although the source material is 170-years-old, The Terror feels like one of the most modern, prescient pieces of TV you’ll see in 2018."

• Jonathan McKinstry, The Terror's production designer, speaks with about shooting in Budapest and the Croatian island of Pag, commenting that "many areas of Pag look very remote and hostile despite being close to local farmland."

• Signature offers some book recommendations, with The Terror ("AMC’s critically acclaimed adaptation of the novel") nearing its finale.

• For recaps and reviews of Season 1, Episode 6, "A Mercy," check out A.V. Club, Canadian Geographic, CarterMatt, Den of Geek, Newsweek and Vulture.

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