/Film Applauds Terror; We Got This Covered Talks Appeals to Horror Fans

This week, /Film gives The Terror a thumbs-up review, while We Got This Covered says the drama will appeal to horror fans. Plus, TV Cheat Sheet shares seven facts about the reality behind the show. Read on for more:

• /Film applauds The Terror, which "stands out. It is a triumph of mood and setting, full of scenes that chill the blood and quicken the pulse. We know going into The Terror that the cast of characters are doomed, but this foreknowledge doesn’t lessen how downright creepy the story ends up being."

• We Got This Covered says of The Terror that "boasting Ridley Scott as an executive producer and with plans for anthology-style sequels, AMC may have an intriguing future for horror junkies looking for something far from already-covered ground."

• Previewing The Terror, TV Cheat Sheet shares "seven things to know about the true story that will chill you to the bone."

• The Terror -- a "chilling cross-genre drama" -- is one of BBC.com's 10 shows to watch this month.

• Den of Geek and Time Out both highlight The Terror's Mar. 26 debut.

• Austin360 reports that AMC is "inviting everyone in the Austin area to enter the Arctic as the real-life crew of this ill-fated expedition did in 1845."

Watch The Terror's two-hour series premiere on Monday, March 26 at 9/8c.

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