EW Showcases Terror Trailer, Photos; E.P. Soo Hugh Previews Terror With IGN

This week, Entertainment Weekly showcases a new trailer and photos for The Terror, while Executive Producer Soo Hugh gives IGN a preview of the show. Plus, IndieWire applauds Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies. Read on for more:

• Entertainment Weekly showcases a new The Terror trailer and several photos, summarizing that the show "centers on a particularly perilous voyage as the crews of two British ships —Terror and Erebus — face treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling hope, and fear of the unknown."

• Executive Producer Soo Hugh tells IGN that the show's "violence ... even when it’s surprising, it should always feel inevitable in the sense that the audiences can put themselves in that situation. None of it should ever feel incomprehensible in terms of motivation."

• IndieWire, posting a behind-the-scenes video and more photos, hails the casting of Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies, saying, "With both being already accomplished theater and television actors, they’re just what The Terror will need to carry its heavy emotional weight."

• Flickering Myth spotlights AMC's "brief new teaser" for the upcoming adaptation of Dan Simmons’ bestselling novel The Terror.

• Looking at the new teaser, Syfy Wire says it submerges viewers "into the Royal Navy's icy nightmare."

• BT.com enthuses that The Terror is "one of the TV events of 2018, bringing together one of the most incredible true stories with a supernatural twist."

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