Derek Mio Chats With Hidden Remote; Den of Geek Lauds Mio, Cristina Rodlo

This week, Derek Mio chats about The Terror: Infamy with Hidden Remote, while Den of Geek lauds the performances of both Mio and Cristina Rodlo in the latest episode. Plus, Meaww delves into the show's portrayal of how Japanese Americans endured their World War II experience. Read on for more:

• Derek Mio tells Hidden Remote that The Terror: Infamy is "a horror show where we’re trying to thrill the audience and we definitely do. But underneath it all, we’re trying to drive home this theme of empathy and empathizing with these characters."

• Reviewing the latest episode, Den of Geek praises Cristina Rodlo, who's been "consistently a pleasure to watch this season," and Derek Mio, who "continues to impress as well."

Meaww declares that "there's no denying the immense strength required to be this stoic and poised in the face of adversity, and that intrinsic aspect of Japanese people as a whole is showcased brilliantly through The Terror: Infamy."

• Derek Mio explains to Assignment X that Chester is "definitely the vehicle that is taking you on this journey, his journey and the journey of the show, but there are so many things that he doesn’t know, and he’s trying to do whatever he can, and the decisions that he makes are going to have dire consequences."

• For more recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 7, "My Perfect World," check out Cult of Whatever, Meaww and Winter is Coming.

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