Eli and Pete Go Head-to-Head in This Deadly Scene from the Season Finale

"And you Eli, now I see my mistake. You will never have enough...enough land, enough money."

An angry group of men led by Eli and Niles Gilbert have made their way to Pedro García's front door.

They ask Pedro to surrender, but he won't budge. He reminds all of the men that he was on this land first and that they're the intruders.

"I should've let you die with your family," Pedro says, reminding Eli of the time he helped defend his neighbor's land.

But, Eli is caught off guard when Pete walks out of Pedro's home, ready to defend the Garcías -- especially Maria.

Watch the Talked About Scene from the Season Finale

See what happens when the gun fire erupts in this deadly scene from the season finale.

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