Cast and Creators on Pete's Life-or-Death Decision Between His Family and the Garcías

The fortune of the McCulloughs is forged in the Garcias' blood.

"'s always close at hand for him, " says Pierce Brosnan, who plays Eli.

When Eli, Phineas, and the Law & Order League show up at Pedro García's doorstep to take his land, Pedro isn't going to turn tail and run.

Go Inside the Season Finale With the Cast and Creators

It ultimately comes down to Pete vs. Eli, according to Showrunner/Executive Producer Kevin Murphy, after Pete reveals he's aligned with the Garcías.

"Pete spent the whole season trying to live in this moral way and trying to be guided by what is right. He's lost his family in some ways, he's lost his father, but he's always made the right decisions," adds Executive Producer Philipp Meyer.

Hear the cast and creators break down the harrowing battle on the Garcías' land and the effect it has on the ones Eli loves.

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