How to Watch The Secrets She Keeps and Everything You Need to Know About the New Series

The Secrets She Keeps is a "psychologically tense and thrilling drama," says The Guardian. Adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name by former investigative journalist, Michael Robotham, The Secrets She Keeps is inspired by a shocking true story that still haunts expecting parents. Read on for how you can watch the nail-biting drama on AMC:

How to Watch The Secrets She Keeps

The Secrets She Keeps premieres Monday, April 19 at 10/9c on AMC. New episodes will air Mondays at 10/9c, with full episodes available to stream on and the AMC apps after they've aired.

The entire first season is available to watch now with AMC+, an ever-growing collection of ad-free shows and movies from AMC, BBC America, SundanceTV, Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Unlimited. AMC+ is available through a variety of providers, including AppleTV, Prime Video Channels, DirectTV, Dish, Roku Channel, Sling, and Xfinity. Sign up now for AMC+ to stream The Secrets She Keeps on, on mobile for iOS and Android devices, and on your TV streaming device with the AMC app, available for Roku, Apple TV, FireTV, Xbox One, Android TV, and Chromecast.

What Is The Secrets She Keeps About?

In The Secrets She Keeps, two women have a chance encounter in a supermarket in an affluent Sydney suburb. They are the same age, both heavily pregnant, and due at the same time. Meghan (Jessica De Gouw, Arrow, Dracula) is a glamorous online "influencer" on the rise with an ambitious television sports reporter husband Jack (Michael Dorman, Patriot). Agatha (Laura Carmichael, Downton Abbey) works in the supermarket as a shelf stacker.

Although they live near each other, the two women’s lives could not be more different. Agatha is a loner, barely subsisting above the poverty line. She's ecstatic to be pregnant, pinning all her hopes and dreams on this much longed-for "miracle baby." Yet the father of her child, Hayden (Michael Sheasby, The Nightingale, The Luminaries), a sailor on active duty, remains oblivious to her condition. Meanwhile, Meghan is a sophisticated mother-of-two who uses her website to reframe her imperfect life into a glossier, more aspirational existence. Despite posting enthusiastically about her pregnancy to her avid followers, including Agatha, behind closed doors this third baby is putting pressure on a strained marriage. Both women have secrets, and both will risk everything to conceal the truth. Their worlds are about to collide in one shocking act that cannot be undone.

Looking for more details about The Secrets She Keeps Season 1? Here's a tease of what's to come this season, as well as when each new episode will premiere on AMC:

Episode 1 (Premieres April 19)

Heavily pregnant supermarket shelf-stacker Agatha is obsessed with Meghan Shaughnessy's seemingly perfect life. But is there more to her covetous gaze than simply admiration?

Episode 2 (Premieres April 26)

Meghan’s explosive secret comes to light. With Meghan's due date brought forward, Agatha must step up her plans.

Episode 3 (Premieres May 3)

A scarring trauma in Agatha’s past is revealed. Meghan heads to the hospital to have her baby, unaware that she might be in danger.

Episode 4 (Premieres May 10)

Agatha has created her perfect family with her baby and Hayden, but an old flame of Agatha’s threatens to thwart her plans.

Episode 5 (Premieres May 17)

At a vigil for Baby Ben, Meghan and Agatha come face to face. Agatha panics over Baby Rory's deteriorating health.

Episode 6 (Premieres May 24)

Agatha is on the run with Baby Rory. Will Meghan get her baby boy back?

The Secrets She Keeps premieres Monday, April 19 at 10/9c on AMC. Check out the full schedule here. Watch the entire first season now with AMC+ — click here to learn more.

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