The Season 2 Premiere of Eli Roth's History of Horror Tackles Houses of Hell

"A house can just be a labyrinth of death and you would never know from the outside," says guest Chris Hardwick in the Season 2 Premiere of Eli Roth's History of Horror.

In Episode 1, Eli Roth joins horror icons and creators like Stephen King, Rob Zombie, Scott Derrickson, Joe Hill and more to look at one of horror's creepiest settings: the family home.

Watch the Season 2 Premiere Now

Who knows what terrors lie behind the innocuous picket fence and friendly front doors? Horror movies like SinisterThe Amityville HorrorJu-OnThe Last House on the Left and more break down how family, and the family home, can become a living hell. What happens when your dream home becomes your worst nightmare?

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Eli Roth chats with in this Q&A about what fans can expect from the latest season, the scariest movie he’s recently seen, who he would interview for the show if he had a time machine, and more.

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