Variety Spotlights New Trailer; Newsday Recommends Drummer

This week, Variety and Screen Rant spotlight a new trailer for The Little Drummer Girl, while Newsday recommends watching the show. Plus, Florence Pugh explains her character, Charlie, to Digital Spy. Read on for more:

Variety spotlights a new trailer, calling The Little Drummer Girl "eagerly anticipated."

Screen Rant declares that the show's "stunning" trailer "not only showcases the series’ stylish aesthetic, but also builds plenty of intrigue."

Newsday includes The Little Drummer Girl on its list of eight TV shows "you're going to want to watch" in November.

• Florence Pugh explains to Digital Spy, "I love [John] Le Carré's writing. He expects you to stay awake, and to keep up with the storyline – that's what I loved in both The Night Manager and this, and all of the films that have been made [of his novels]."

• "Charlie's not a spy - she's not brilliant at rolling over cars. She's a very normal girl that has a strong voice and is very opinionated and loud and fierce," Florence Pugh tells Harper's Bazaar UK.

Harper's Bazaar UK speaks with Alexander Skarsgård, who talks about shooting a scene on the Acropolis: "They hadn't opened up for a film crew for 70 or 80 years and to be able to shoot up there, just us in an entire night was absolutely extraordinary, and something I'll never forget."

• Alexander Skarsgård credits Nicole Kidman for encouraging him to work with Park Chan-wook, saying, "I was shooting Big Little Lies when I read the script and Nicole said, 'Don’t even think about it – you have to do this. He’s amazing amazing amazing…,'" The Daily Mail reports.

IGN presents a behind-the-scenes look where Park Chan-wook explains, "Ever since I read The Spy Who Came in From the Cold as a teenager, I became a fan of John le Carré. I've read his books as soon as they were published in Korean. As soon as I read The Little Drummer Girl, I concluded that, in my opinion, it is his greatest novel."

Yahoo Movies UK says "it’s clear from the outset that The Little Drummer Girl is some of the best television 2018 has to offer."

The Little Drummer Girl premieres Monday, November 19 9/8c. For more on all the latest The Little Drummer Girl news, sign up for the Insiders Club.