The Comic Book Men Comic Pull List: October 14, 2015

Are you a comic book fan? Looking for the next best thing to read? This week, comic guru, Mike Zapcic, returns to the Pull List to offer his recommendations in comic book reading from this Wednesday's new releases.

"We're back, baby!!! I have no doubt that you folks HAD NO IDEA which comics to buy when Ming and I weren't around to guide you, but here's my two cents:



"Peter Quill has left the Guardians to occupy his father's throne, but Rocket Raccoon picks up the pieces of the team and adds a few of his own. Give a BIG Guardians welcome to new members Kitty Pryde and Benjamin J. Grimm, a.k.a. Shadowcat and the ever-lovin' Thing!



"If you haven't been reading this book, what are you waiting for? PICK IT UP!!! Now that we've lost the dead weight (pun intended), let's talk about what Rick and company is going to do about the grievous blow dealt to the settlements after the tragic events of Issue #144... You don't really think he's going to let those 12 major deaths go unavenged, do you?!?"

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