The Cast Bids Farewell to the Unsung Heroes of the Revolutionary War

As TURN: Washington Spies comes to an end after four seasons, the cast looks back on their journey in a new series wrap-up video.

"It's changed me. I'm a different man today than I was before all this started for sure," says Ian Kahn on playing General George Washington.

"I've learned so much from Townsend, and it's been such an honor to play someone whose story has never been told," adds Nick Westrate.

Watch the Series Finale Wrap-Up With the Cast and Creators

For Executive Producer Craig Silverstein, the show helped him relate to the real people who changed the course of history.

"This was my way to connect to a time and a place and certain events that inform my life everyday, and yet I feel disconnected from them," he says. "By finding Abe Woodhull and these unsung heroes who weren't sure what the right way to go was and found their way to it, I was able to find myself back in that time."

While the cast and creators fondly reflect on their favorite on- and off-screen moments, it turns out there are a few things they won't miss.

"This show will never leave me, and Peggy most certainly will never leave me. I will definitely miss her," says Ksenia Solo. "I don't know if I'm going to miss the corsets."

Click here to watch the full video to watch the cast thank the fans and bid goodbye to their characters and the show.

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