The Cast and Creators on How Mike Wins Gus Over With a Single Move

Mike’s latest sabotage to Hector’s distribution line worked perfectly, leading the DEA to shut down Hector's ice cream shop. And that is exactly what Gus was hoping for. 

“Gus has very specific feelings about Hector," Giancarlo Esposito says in a new behind-the-scenes video. "We know from our Breaking Bad days that Hector Salamanca did something really reprehensible to Gus and to Gus’s partner, which can never be forgiven." 

Go Inside Episode 4 With the Cast and Creators.

But Mike isn’t so ready to take the credit -- or Gus's money, which Mike returns in an act that doesn’t go unnoticed by Gus. "Gus realizes that Mike is in it for the long haul and looks down the road, probably a bit further down the road than anyone had thought," Esposito says.

Hear the cast and creators break down the start of Mike and Gus's working relationship.

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