The Beatles vs. The Zombies!

There are two things I simply cannot stand. One is movie remakes. Rare is the redux of a film that I love which hasn't made me violently angry. I usually avoid seeing them, although on a few occasions I've been forced into seeing a few of them by well-meaning friends who think maybe there will be something in it that I'll like. Case in point: the Dawn of the Dead remake. My friend Alex thought I should see it and that I might even like it. So when he brought it over on DVD I sat down and politely gave it (to the best of my ability) a chance. And I hated it. HATED it. A total piece of junk that brought nothing new to the concept and managed to somehow taint the original material by association. The worst imaginable high-concept 'reimagining'. Watch Shaun of the Dead instead if you want to see an hommage with imagination and wit. And besides -- ZOMBIES DON'T RUN!! And there's one more thing that I don't like: The Beatles. It's not like I actively hate The Beatles, mind you. It's just that I don't really understand what all the fuss was about and don't find any of their songs compelling enough to ever listen to on my own. I've never owned one of their albums (or CD's or downloads) and I can assure you I never will. But now -- in a corollary to the peanut butter and chocolate conundrum that has fueled my love of a certain food product made by Reese's -- here is a trailer for a movie that combines my hatred of remakes with my dislike of The Beatles into something not only palatable, but even delicious. Ladies and gentlemen, I now present A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead, courtesy once again of my friend Alex who, in sending me this, was probably trying to make up for showing me that damn remake in the first place. Well done, I say. All is now forgiven.