The Atlantic Deems Halt One of Year's Best; Vogue on Year of the Geek

This week, The Atlantic considers Halt and Catch Fire one of the year's best TV shows. Plus, Halt is one reason that 2015 was the year of the geek, according to Vogue. Read on for more:

Halt and Catch Fire is named one of the year's best by The Atlantic, which calls the drama "the smartest show of the year."

Vogue proclaims 2015 the "year of the geek" and cites Halt and Catch Fire, which "took the premise of hacking out of the messy bedroom and into the mainstream," as an example.

TVLine thinks Gordon had an awful year because he "picked up a cocaine habit. Learned he had inoperable brain damage. Had his idea stolen by Joe, who turned it into a lucrative anti-virus start-up."

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