The Advantages of Attorney-Client Privilege (And When It Won’t Work)

When you have something to confess, you don't tell your mom or your best friend, you tell your lawyer. It’s something we’ve come to learn from crime dramas over the years.

You tell your lawyer because they’ll keep it a secret, and even use the information to try and get you the best outcome. The only catch, it doesn’t apply 100% of the time.

Kim Wexler Teaches You About Attorney-Client Privilege (And When It Won’t Work)

Thinking of committing a crime? Thinking of confessing? First and foremost, make sure you’ve established an attorney-client relationship with your representation. One you've done that, you can confess with confidence that your secret is safe with your attorney. Just make sure there’s no one eavesdropping... learn all of the ins and outs of using attorney-client privilege the right way.

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