Synths Are Conscious, and the World's Forever Changed -- Watch the Season 3 Premiere Now

In the Season 3 Premiere of HUMANS, the world reckons with the  effects of the consciousness code that Mattie secretly uploaded for all Synths. A year after the chaotic first moments of the new Synth awakening, dubbed Day Zero, humans and Synths struggle to live in a world of unchecked violence and social tensions.

Watch the Season 3 Premiere Now

Mia, Max and hundreds of other awakened Synths have taken refuge in a rail yard, trying to build a new life for each other while humans and the government seek to sabotage their survival with power outages and dwindling supplies. Meanwhile, Laura Hawkins considers her crusade to establish Synths' rights after millions of synthetics have been murdered indiscriminately since Day Zero.

But when a terrorist attack targets one of the only places where humans and Synths can be free together, could the path to peace be lost forever?

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