Syfy Wire Applauds Badlands; THR Spotlights Badlands Return

This week, Syfy Wire explains how impressed it is by Into the Badlands, while The Hollywood Reporter and others spotlight the show's return this weekend. Plus, is all about The Widow and Baron Chau's rivalry. Read on for more:

Syfy Wire writes that Into the Badlands "proves that we really are living through the golden age of TV" and lauds the show's "post-apocalyptic setting, mind-blowing martial arts sequences, noble goals, ignoble nobles, fun (fat!) sidekicks, an Asian-American man as a sex symbol and lead character (Daniel Wu is stupidly sexy)..."

The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Syfy Wire and Multichannel News highlight Into the Badlands' Mar. 24 premiere in their lists of the best shows to watch this week. talks up the rivalry between The Widow and Baron Chau, which "reached a boiling point" in Season 3: "The raid on White Bone palace culminated in a fierce sword fight between Baron Chau and The Widow with a surprising ending."

Quartzy observes that the popularity of the Chinese epic novel, Journey to the West "endures until today" and "has been adapted numerous times for the big screen in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and has inspired works in other cultures such as the AMC series Into the Badlands and Japanese anime classic Dragon Ball."

• Highlighting epic fantasy battles, is impressed by the Season 3 sneak attack on Pilgrim's fortress, where "Castor uses his 'Sight' to show off some high-flying moves and slice through several rivals, while Pilgrim more than holds his own against the attackers with some swift kicks and punches."

Third Coast Review spotlights the Into the Badlands cast panel and premiere screening this weekend at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2).

What's on Netflix tries to figure out when the second half of Season 3 will be available on Netflix.

Android Police spotlights the release of the week's best new Android games, including Into The Badlands: Champions, a tie-in release for the show: "You'll get to form a team of lethal characters to take on a never-ending gauntlet of enemies. The goal is to conquer new territories in order to rule the entirety of the Badlands..."

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