Sweatin' To The Movies: New Digital Series Movie Buff Turns Tommy Boy Into a Workout

Need some movement motivation? How about movie movement motivation? Okay, so that's not actually a thing, but it will be!

If you're anything like us, perhaps you struggle to get off the couch and work out. But we have the perfect solution: a workout routine you can do alongside your favorite movies! Introducing Movie Buff, an brand-new YouTube series presented by AMC. It stars Craig and Chyna of @WheezyWaiter, who look to famous films for fitness inspiration. That's right, they’re turning Movie Moments into Movie MOVEments. (Get it?!) Every week they'll come up with fitness challenges inspired by the iconic quotes, pivotal scenes, and unforgettable characters from some of your favorite films.

This week all the inspiration is coming from 1995's Tommy Boy, starring Chris Farley and David Spade. This 'Holy Schnikes!' Workout may seem tame at first, but you better have your water bottle and towel handy because it's gonna leave a mark. So start watching, and get moving!

Now, if you like this sweaty, silly weekly challenge subscribe to AMC's YouTube channel to watch new episodes when they drop every Friday. Upcoming episodes will feature Forest Gump (7/2), The Matrix franchise (7/16), and Goodfellas (8/27). You can watch Tommy Boy on AMC or stream it on AMC+ now. For more of the latest news from AMC Networks, sign up for the AMC Insiders' Club.