Stream the Soulmates Season 1 Finale: Never Trust a Stranger, Even If They’re Your Soulmate

You could describe Caitlin as too nice. Regardless of whether or not she has plans, when Caitlin's co-worker asks her to cover for her at work with zero notice, she always does it. Then there's Caitlin's current partner, the guy who lives with her. He sits on the couch playing video games all day, expects her to make him dinner, and barely seems to notice she might actually have feelings of her own.

So when Caitlin's soulmate match finally comes through, it's the exact thing she needs to shake up her life. What she'll learn the hard way, is you really should never trust a stranger... even when they're your soulmate.

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When Caitlin first meets her soulmate, Nathan, she's worried it may be too good to be true. He's handsome. He's a doctor. He also seems to really care about her. He even helps her find her power when her previously mentioned partner refuses to move out. Then Nathan invites Caitlin over late one night, so he can share something private with her. What Caitlin sees that night will not just change her relationship with Nathan for good, but will also change her completely.

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