Stream Soulmates Series Premiere Free: What If Your Soulmate Isn't Your Partner?

Nikki and Franklin found each other, fell in love, and got married before the test to find your soulmate had become a thing. Now it seems that everywhere they turn, friends, family, coworkers, everyone is taking the test and connecting with their soulmate—even if it means uprooting their lives.

If that wasn’t enough to make Nikki and Franklin question the validity of their old fashioned relationship, a blunt conversation about “the test” will. One night at a dinner party at Nikki’s brother’s home, the conversation turns to soulmates vs. old fashioned couples, and Nikki and Franklin are confronted about never having had “the talk.”

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The idea that something may be missing from their relationship gets to Nikki first. Plus the curiosity of who her soulmate might actually be. It doesn’t help that her best friend and neighbor has just taken the test and left her husband for her soulmate, or that her brother has just married his soulmate after only two weeks of knowing her. As Nikki’s doubts about Franklin mount, she loses sight of what’s right and wrong.

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Watch a sneak peek of Monday’s all-new episode when David receives a NSFW interruption during a presentation to his students.

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