Stream Soulmates Episode 5: Kurt Puts His Faith in a Last Resort to Find Love

When we meet Kurt, he's in a bad place. He lives with his parents, he's recently attempted suicide, and he's in pain. What haunts him is love, or lack thereof. His soulmate is a beautiful, bright, vibrant woman, but she died before Kurt even had a chance to meet her. Then he meets Martha whose soulmate has died too. For a moment it seems like they may be able to bring a little light into each other's lives, but that falls apart fast, leaving them both worse off than before. And while they don't know it yet, they've become the perfect prey for people with bad intentions.

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On his way home from the bar, after a night-gone-wrong with Martha, Kurt sees an ad for meeting your deceased soulmate. He answers it, and finds himself in a place surrounded by people that are in just as much pain as he is. One of those people is Martha. Barely 24 hours goes by and they're digging their own graves, preparing for the inevitable meeting with their once unreachable soulmate.

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