Stream Soulmates Episode 3: Can Love Survive an Open Marriage?

Libby and Adam are happily married. When Libby decided she wanted to try an open marriage—one where her and Adam could see other people intimately—Adam was willing to give it a try. An open marriage was once unusual, but it's become their norm. Still, it takes some faith.

When Libby’s co-worker asks her if she really thinks there’s no chance of her or Adam falling in love with one of these “other people,” Libby is certain there isn’t. Laia Costa, who plays Libby, acknowledges that her character may be more than a little naive. So it makes sense that Adam is wary when he learns that Libby has found her match, a true soulmate.

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While they're in an open marriage, the news of Libby’s new found soulmate arrives as a shock to Adam. After some nudging, he agrees they should meet this soulmate, together. Maranda arrives for dinner, delivering another shock, this time for Libby. She’s not sure what to make of her soulmate being a woman.

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