Stream Ride With Norman Reedus Episode 5 Now: Norman Discovers the Artistry and Passion of Uruguay

Uruguay is known for being an easygoing country. Until Norman shows up, that is.

In Episode 5 of Ride With Norman Reedus, Norman teams up with motorcycle journalist Becky Goebel to explore the country's rich culture and artistry before heading to an annual motorcycle convention.

Somehow, it seems the whole country knows Norman is there.

Watch Ride With Norman Reedus Episode 4 Now

From mate to murga, Norman and Becky discover the beauty of Uruguay through its passionate locals.

Along their adventure, Norman and Becky visit a nature conservatory. There, they meet the show's most adorable guest yet.

Check out Norman and Becky's visit with baby seal Ramon here:

Click here to watch Norman and Becky find community and tranquility in Uruguay.

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