Stream Now: History of Horror Season Finale Explores Nine Movies That Rocked the Genre

There are some horror films that are so peculiar, so societally subversive, that they defy the limits of genre category. In the Season 2 Finale of Eli Roth’s History of Horror, director Eli Roth explores nine such films: the Nine Nightmares. These films push against the boundaries of horror so far that their thematic implications, and legacy in cinema, have left a profound impact on movies and movie commentary at large.

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In this episode, Eli Roth is joined by Jordan Peele, Mary Harron, Tom Savini, Stephen King, Joe Dante and many, many more to provide a deep breakdown -- and even a behind-the-scenes look -- at how the Nine Nightmares have shaped horror.

Featuring commentary on Us, American Psycho, The Wicker Man, Midsommar, Creepshow, Pieces, Dressed to Kill, The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, and Cannibal Holocaust, this special episode takes a deep dive into the power of horror movies to put society under a microscope, and to make us question not just what we fear, but why we fear it.

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Eli Roth chats with in this Q&A about the scariest movie he’s recently seen, who he would interview for the show if he had a time machine, and more.

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