Stream Now — Clara's Story Doesn't Add Up

Sure, the game is technically over, but the fact that Clara was a real person is something that can't easily be forgotten. As Janice copes with the loss of Lev, and Peter and Simone finally do something about their mutual attraction, Fredwynn does what Fredwynn does and keeps his head in the details behind the game.

And the timing couldn't be any more perfect, because with the game's ending, "The Architect" of it is prepared to tell all. The only issue is that when the details unfold, Clara's story just doesn't add up.

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They may know that Clara is dead, but they don't know why or what happened to her. After a day of digging deeper into Clara's world, the team is content with what they've learned. Finally, they have some answers.

Except, that is, for Fredwynn. When he heads back to where they found their last piece of the story, he stumbles upon something that changes everything they thought they knew.

It's time to play two truths and a lie in the all-new episode available now on and AMC apps for mobile and devices.

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