Stream Eli Roth's History of Horror Episode 3 Now: From The Fly to The Elephant Man, Eli Roth Breaks Down Body Horror

Of all the terrors and fears that haunt the horror genre, body horror is probably by far the most disturbing. Body horror films highlight how vulnerable humans really are, and how tenuous our control over our bodies can be.

In the latest episode of Eli Roth's History of Horror, Eli Roth is joined by Joe Hill, John Landis, Ari Aster and more to dive into the fears of the flesh that is the body horror genre. Beware: this episode might be the series' most gruesome one yet.

Watch Episode 3 Now

All it takes is gruesome one accident or one deadly virus (or one run-in with a psychopath) to completely ruin life as you know it. From The Fly to The Elephant Man, explore how the terror of not controlling your own body or how it exists in the world manifests onscreen in film.

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Eli Roth chats with in this Q&A about what fans can expect from the latest season, the scariest movie he’s recently seen, who he would interview for the show if he had a time machine, and more.

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