Stream Soulmates Episode 4: Mateo's Quest for a Soulmate Takes a Wild Detour

Mateo has taken the test to find out who his soulmate is, and he's received his match. Now he's on his way to meet this soulmate, who just happens to live in another country. The only thing standing in Mateo's way is a layover in Mexico. What could go wrong?

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As Mateo passes the time in Mexico enjoying a beer, a man approaches asking him if he wants to dance. The stranger, who we'll come to know as Jonah, pushes Mateo's buttons just enough for him to say yes. The two end up back in Jonah's room, but what Mateo expects to be a simple, one-night stand, quickly turns into an adventure.

As Mateo races around Mexico with Jonah to find his lost passport, the two find themselves enjoying each other's company. But there's an elephant in the room—will Mateo ever meet his soulmate? Find out on the latest episode available now on and the AMC app for mobile and devices. Check out the on-air schedule for encore viewings and upcoming episodes of Soulmates on AMC.

Next week on Soulmates Kurt and Martha role play each other's soulmates, and things get real, fast. See how the next story begins in this sneak peek of Monday’s all-new episode.

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