Loves Stories That Started with "I Hate You"

Love is a complicated beast and not one that will always make sense. It doesn’t help that we typically grow up with fairy tale romances in mind. Having those as our foundational footing for love can make it hard to stomach the other side, arguably the real one, once you finally experience it. Rude awakenings may include, but are not limited to, “I can love someone that doesn’t love me back?” “I can love someone that isn’t really good for me?” “We can love one another and still not make it work?”

You must truly abandon all rationale and logic when it comes to love and soulmates. That's why it’s important for us to be surrounded by equally as many “love at first sight” stories, as those that follow a less than perfect road. In light of the latest episode of Soulmates, where love could not have bloomed from a more unusual scenario (that scenario being pure hatred), we’ve rounded up our favorite love stories that started with “I hate you.”


10 Things I Hate About You

This story starts with two sisters. Bianca (Larisa Oleynik) is popular and social. Needless to say, the boys want to date her. Her older sister Kat (Julia Stiles), however, is less desirable because she's very rough around the edges. They couldn’t be more different, and that becomes a major problem when their dad decides that Bianca can’t date until Kat does. He’s aware of his daughter Kat’s unsocial ways, so he’s counting on this to keep Bianca off the dating scene for a bit longer.

What he underestimates is just how badly the new kid, Cameron (Joseph Gordon Levitt), wants to date Bianca. When Cameron finds out about this rule, he goes to great lengths to get Kat a date. The only person willing to date Kat is a guy named Patrick (Heath Ledger), who's also pretty rough around the edges. He takes on the task like a job, and justifiably so as he’s actually getting paid to take Kat out. Kat of course has no financial incentive and her response to Patrick isn’t great. One exchange went as follows: “Me with my arm around you,” Patrick says to Kat. She responds with, “you covered in my puke.” You get the picture.

Eventually Patrick’s attempts break through and him and Kat actually seem to make sense together. Aside from a slight hiccup where Kat learns Patrick was actually being paid to take her out, we’d like to think these two live happily ever after.

One Fine Day

The epic pairing of Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney does not disappoint in this late-90s romantic comedy. Melanie Parker is rushing to get her son Sammy for a field trip. The reason she’s rushing is because Jack Taylor, father of Sammy’s schoolmate, Maggie, forgot to call Melanie and let her know he didn’t need her to bring Maggie to the field trip. See Jack is divorced, and not usually responsible for getting Maggie to school. Melanie and Jack make it to the dock with their kids just as the boat is leaving. This is how the two first meet and they immediately do not like each other. To her, he’s irresponsible and childish. To him, she’s uptight and difficult.

Now with their kids unexpectedly their responsibility for the day, the two rush to try and make other arrangements. When they realize they have no options, they decide to work together. One will take the kids for the first part of the day, while the other takes the kids for the other. What follows is a pretty messy day for both of them, at least while they have the kids under their watch. Melanie even loses Maggie for a bit, and that goes on long enough for Jack to find out. With the roles reversed, her the mess and him the responsible one, they both loosen up a bit.

Later that evening, Jack finds a reason to go to Melanie’s home. How? He takes Maggie to buy fish to replace the ones that were eaten by a cat earlier in the day. We told you they had a hard day! So he takes the fish to Melanie’s to give to Sammy and the kids end up watching a movie, leaving Melanie and Jack alone... where they officially change the course of their “I hate you path.”

The Peanut Butter Falcon

A beautiful love story leads this film, one centered around friendship and adventure. Tyler (Shia LaBeouf) is a fisherman, and unfortunately also a bit of a thief. He gets himself into trouble one day and has to take off. It’s not clear where he’s going, but on his way he encounters a boy with Down syndrome named Zak (Zack Gottsagen). Zak has escaped from his community home and is also on the run. His destination is clear: get to Florida where there’s a pro wrestling school he's dreamed of attending. Tyler agrees to take Zak under his wing, since they’re traveling in the same direction. The journey is a bit clunky at first, but soon the two fall into an easy friendship.

One day when Tyler stops at a convenience store to grab some supplies, he watches as a woman asks the store clerk if he’s seen a boy. The picture she’s holding up is of Zak. She then turns to Tyler, asking him if he's seen him. He lies and says no. Tyler lets Zak know that this woman, Eleanor (Dakota Johnson), who was his caretaker back at the community home, is looking for him. The two continue on their journey, keeping their heads even lower.

Eleanor drives all day and night and eventually spots them on the beach. She tries to get Zak to come home, but he refuses and throws her keys into the ocean. With little choice left, Eleanor joins Tyler and Zak on the rest of their journey, content with knowing she can at least be certain of Zak’s safety. It takes a little while, but Tyler and Eleanor grow on each other and the friction from their early interactions fade away, making room for love.

The Proposal

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is the successful Editor-in-Chief of a book publishing company. It seems as though nothing could get in her way until she’s told that she’s on the brink of being deported (she’s a Canadian citizen). Thinking on her feet, she tells her bosses that she's actually marrying Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), her assistant, which will solve the whole citizenship problem. She’s not known for being very nice and has actually always made Andrew’s life a living hell. So his first instinct is to say no.

All Margaret has to do is threaten his job, and it’s enough for him to agree to the plan. But what seems as a simple enough solution to Margaret, becomes a much more complicated endeavor as they embark on the confusing and cumbersome process of gaining citizenship. One of the first questions they’re asked in their interview as “a couple” is if they’ve told their parents about their relationship. They pretend they were planning to tell Andrew’s parents soon, when they visit them. This is when Margaret finds out Andrew’s parents actually live in Alaska.

The two fly out and are forced to pretend they’re madly in love. It’s difficult at first, given how unpleasant their relationship had always been before. After a few days of pretending, something shifts and the two are actually enjoying each other. As rom-coms do, there’s a scene toward the end that ties it all up with a bow, confirming that they have in fact gone from “I hate you” to “I love you.”

Soulmates, Episode 4

To understand some of the complexity of this story, you have to understand that these people are living 15 years in the future. While it’s not too far off, there is one advancement, which is that a single test can tell you exactly who your soulmate is. In this episode of AMC's anthology series, Soulmates, we actually get to witness Jonah and Mateo meet for the first time. Mateo is in Mexico, waiting out a layover, having a beer at the bar. He’s on his way to meet his soulmate. Jonah approaches the bar, orders a drink in clumsy Spanish and coyly looks to Mateo for assistance. Jonah comes on a bit stronger then, asking Mateo if he’ll dance with him. The two end up having a one night stand back in Jonah’s room.

When Mateo leaves the next day, he realizes that his passport and wallet are gone. It takes him a minute, but he quickly realizes that it must’ve been Jonah that took them. He heads back to him, demanding his belongings back. Without them, he’s stuck in Mexico and will miss his trip to meet his soulmate. It’s probably obvious, but now Mateo really hates Jonah. Caught red-handed, Jonah agrees to help Mateo find his things, and what ensues is a wild goose chase around Mexico.

Mateo does eventually loosen up a bit and the two find themselves in a serious enough situation that he must decide if he’s going to help Jonah. Eventually, when he does get his things back, he has to decide whether he’s going to go off and meet his soulmate after all. Regardless of what he chooses, by the end his hate for Jonah has subsided, and been replaced by something much sweeter.

See, these stories are much more realistic than those fairy tales. While we aren’t suggesting that you go out and start disregarding red flags left and right, we're recommending that you loosen your grip on a perfect love story. Who knows, maybe that person in your life right now that you just can’t help but hate is moments away from becoming your true love (yay!).

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